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  • Astronaut (Pt. 1)
    with Rick Hauck and Tim Muma - August 24, 2013
    The idea of becoming an astronaut has been a dream of countless kids with the draw of flight, space and "the unknown" right before your eyes. It's also an opportunity to help society and the country through research and discovery. Former NASA astronaut, Rick Hauck, joins Tim Muma to talk about this fascinating profession, filling us in on the path to becoming an astronaut, what it takes to succeed, and to describe some memo...
  • Astronaut (Pt. 2)
    with Rick Hauck and Tim Muma - August 24, 2013
    Tim Muma continues his interview with former NASA astronaut Rick Hauck as he describes his experiences in this fascinating profession. Rick talks about the mood around NASA following the Challenger accident, which cost seven astronauts their lives. Rick also discusses the idea of civilians travelling to space and even living there in the near future.