Company Overview
Bom Dia Amigos (Good day friends).

The magic of Nando’s is different. It’s a culture, a way of life and a time-honoured tradition. On our voyage of discovery you’ll experience this magic through our traditional hospitality, warmth and fun, with the special people who belong to the Nando’s family. And here, your senses will embark on their own journey, with our traditional products and unique taste of Portugal, prepared with pride and passion – The Nando’s Way!

Hatching the idea

It was in the small suburb of Rosettenville, Johannesburg, South Africa, in a humble eatery called Chickenland that a dream was destined to become a reality in a few short years. There, in the heart of the local Portuguese community, chicken was prepared and enjoyed according to a centuries old, Portuguese tradition– the delicioso and well kept secret of the tightly knit community. But Portuguese hospitality being what it is, the secret proved to be one that had to be shared. Fernando Duarte, a member of the community, introduced his close and long-time friend Robert Brozin to Chickenland. When Robert tasted the traditional Portuguese style chicken he had his first taste of what was to become his sonho (dream). The dream of sharing something this good with the whole world. Fernando and Robert became partners and embracing all aspects of its Portuguese heritage, Nando’s was born in September 1987. Today, the Nando’s restaurants chain is a major success story, with over 850 in 26 countries, stores stretching all the way from Rosettenville to Cape Town, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and the list goes on and on!

In 2008 we opened our first Nando’s in the Washington DC area. We will be opening in the Greater Washington Area for the next few years and plan to grow to 20 restaurants in the next 5 years. We recognise the need to create a strong base of professional service and offer a constantly outstanding product to support us as we grow.

The symbol of all we crow about

At Nando’s we believe many an ageless truth is found in myth and legend. One such myth dating back to the 14th Century is that of the Barcelos Cockerel: “In Barcelos, a small town in Portugal, a passing pilgrim was wrongly accused of theft, for which the penalty was death. Feeling threatened in a foreign village, he only had his faith to call upon. He appealed to ‘Our Lady’ and St. James (the patron saint of protection) that justice be done. The pilgrim found his way to the judge who was to decide his fate. The judge was about to commence eating a roast cockerel for his dinner. The pilgrim pleaded, ‘If I am innocent, may that cockerel get up and crow!’ The cockerel at once got up and crowed heartily. The cockerel has, to this day, been the symbol of faith, justice and good luck.” Like the brave pilgrim, at Nando’s we find that we create our own good luck by remaining faithful to our beliefs, and the Barcelos Cockerel has become the most visible expression of the Nando’s spirit – proud, passionate, cheeky, daring, confident, true and colorful. The heart beating in the cockerel’s breast is the warm heart of all Nandocas (members of the Nando’s family) for whom Faith, Justice and Good Luck are cornerstones of the Nando’s Way.

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