Company Overview

Ceres is Grounded in Integrity and Professionalism with an Unmatched Drive to Perform.
Ceres provides professional management and superb construction services throughout the United States, Caribbean, Pacific and New Zealand. We are dedicated to improving communities and helping them recover from disasters. With our strong bonding capacity and exceptional record of performance, Ceres undertakes projects from $1 million to major missions like the post-Hurricane Katrina Recovery approaching $1 billion.

Our Team

Teamwork is at the Core of Ceres.
The foundation of our company is the many talented and dedicated professionals who have helped to shape and grow Ceres since 1976. The breadth of our service capabilities correlates directly to the collective skills, expertise and talents of our team.

Our Team is Global.
With personnel engaged and on-call throughout the United States, New Zealand, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, Ceres is prepared to rapidly respond to any sized project. Our ability to nimbly mobilize and ramp up with full-time personnel and scores of subcontractor partners is a testament to the caliber of our staff and the relationships we build with community leaders immediately after being contracted.

Our Experience

We Are an Industry Leader.
Ceres was founded as a tree service company in 1976 during a severe beetle infestation. During the crisis, founder David McIntyre identified the need to provide safe, cost-efficient removal of the affected trees while simultaneously inventing and implementing practices to minimize environmental impact. Investing significantly in heavy equipment including massive wood grinders and screens, Ceres quickly emerged as an industry leader in developing innovative recycling techniques to create valuable mulches, composts, and soils from wood waste.

Our Values

  • Integrity
    The primary principle that guides our every action.
  • Respect
    We value dignity and diversity of ideas.
  • Teamwork
    Only as a team can we properly serve our clients.
  • Responsiveness
    Speed of action drives success in our business.
  • Productivity
    Optimizing production keeps us competitive.
  • Customer Orientation
    We succeed only when our customers are completely satisfied.
  • Reward for Achievement
    Exemplary performance is recognized and rewarded.
  • Safety
    Safety is always a priority.


Our Culture
Ceres is a nimble, courageous and tenacious international disaster response and construction company looking for a specific type of employee. It might be you…

People who succeed here have a passion for the pursuit, capture and excellent execution of client work. Work that often means a community somewhere needs help. Our people work having a passion for working hard until the the job is done. There is always a way. Our people find a way—often mobilizing into areas with impassible roads, no power, no cellular service and little time for indecision. We are self-starters who make things happen. We work with, around or through to help our customers. We are OK with the grey, the uncertain, the ill-defined. Our people appreciate Ceres’ flat organizational structure. While process, order, structure is present and appreciated it does not hinder our progress. We strive for excellence and getting better every day. We strive to find more people like us: people who care.

Company Summary
Ceres Environmental Operations
Number of Employees
(941) 387-5513
3825 85th Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN