Company Overview

Affinity Plus is a not-for-profit member-owned cooperative. We improve the lives of our members through meaningful banking, exceptional experiences, and trusted relationships.


In the midst of the Great Depression in April 1930, a group of Minnesota state employees got together and chatted about the things they wanted from their financial institution – honesty, care and concern for people, a desire to serve, and most importantly, the strength to withstand the ebbs and flows of economic climates.

Rather than trying to find everything they wanted from a traditional bank, they formed a credit union in which consumers weren’t just consumers; they were members who all had an equal share and equal interest in the well-being of the organization. Prior to 1999, this credit union was called State Capitol Credit Union. The result of its growth from acquisitions and inclusions to its charter (the filter used to determine how consumers are eligible for membership) led to the decision of renaming, rebranding, and redecorating the credit union.

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, with its conversational, member-focused tone and rich purple color, was the result. Although it sparkled with newness, the credit union never lost touch with its purpose and the building blocks of its foundation: integrity, transparency, a genuine care for people, excellence in service, and strength for its membership.


  • Caring: We show compassion and respect for people. We treat people with dignity.
  • Integrity: We are honest and trustworthy. We are open to new ideas and feedback. We learn from our mistakes.
  • Adaptability: We adapt as the world changes, and work evolves by leveraging technology, seeking ways to innovate our business, and increasing the skills and contributions of our employees.



Joining Affinity Plus means more than just having a fulfilling job with great benefits – it’s about becoming part of a community with its own inclusive culture!


  • Thriving on helping others,
  • Sharing your expertise and perspective for the betterment of the cooperative,
  • Building relationships, and
  • Putting your technical skills and talents to work for good.


We don’t just have goals and mission statements – we’ll also show you how we follow through. Here are some examples of what we mean when we say Affinity Plus is about people, not profit.

We’re constantly evaluating how we do business in order to find what’s best for our members and our employees. That means plenty of room for innovation and evolution, allowing for more highly skilled jobs in a dynamic workplace. And we’re all about balance: We love our jobs, but we know there’s more to our employees’ lives than work. We believe employees perform the best when they’re happy, and the better they do their jobs, the happier our membership gets.

Company Summary
Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
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